Van Gogh, Without Canvas


He awoke from a dream, a dream he later considered a bad dream. This dream concerned a photograph, a photograph of an artist, which no photographs were known to exist. At first he thought the photograph was of Vincent Van Gogh, but he thought again and realized, no, there were photographs of Van Gogh, known photographs. But then again, maybe it was Vincent Van Gogh after all, because this photograph was of a man in a field, a man in a field of sunflowers, and wasn’t it in a field of sunflowers that Vincent Van Gogh found himself, painting, on occasion? But there was something odd about this man, or something odd about the photograph of this man. The photograph of this man, who was painting in a field, but there was no canvas. This is to say the painting was occurring in the air. The act of painting, without the physical reality of paint being applied to canvas. And in that moment and on this day, in this photograph, it was clear this was an image of Vincent Van Gogh.

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